Use of Steroids  
Use of Steroids
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Use of Steroids

Use of Steroids

The common users of steroids can be found among following groups:
  • Athletes involved in sports that rely on strength and size, like football, wrestling, or baseball
  • Endurance athletes, such as those involved in track-and-field and swimming
  • Athletes involved in weight training or bodybuilding
  • Non-athletes - anyone interested in building and defining muscles
Today, we see less and less steroids being prescribe by physicians. The remaining medical uses for them are generally used to treat patients with certain kinds of anemia, severe burns and some types of breast cancer.

Steroids can be taken in the following ways:

  • Orally - by mouth as a form of a pill,
  • Injection - injected to the muscle by a needle (Users of steroids who shares needles are at a risk for serious infections such as Hepatitis A or B and HIV, the AIDS virus),
  • Cream or gel - rub on to the muscle area to where you want to enhance.
Steroid abusers may take "megadoses", meaning hundred of more times of the medically recommended dose, to produce a faster and more effective result. Others would gradually increases their dosage over a period of time. This is called "pyramiding". Users will often combine several different types of steroids to boost the effectiveness. This is called "stacking"

Another common method is called "steroid cycle". Users will take steroids for 6 to 12 weeks or more and then stop for several weeks and then start again. By doing this it is believed that these practices produce bigger muscles and allow the body to adjust to and recuperate from high doses of steroids has not been substantiated scientifically. Also you would see better result when you combined with a healthy high protein diet. It is known that users of the method can expect to put on a good amount of size and strength.

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